Sundays tend to be the best days to write.

Sundays are mainly a day of nap intervals.

Sundays contribute to bad eating habits.

Sundays lend an excuse to watch the tube. [Parks and Recreation, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Office, etc. ]

Sundays are mainly a day of nap intervals.

Once Sunday is over, I am depressed though.

This is called the Sunday blues. You use the entire day to do things your normal weekly life does not allow. Then you realize that there is a reason your week does not allow you to do these activities…

because what you want to do rather than your actual responsibilities is shit.

It doesn’t stop me though. That is what Sunday is for. However I do want to start running. I always want to start running. But I never want to continue running. I feel like this time could be different…maybe. I want to run and squat. My best friend has been doing it for the last month or so and seems to be sticking to it. I just have to be ready before June. I want to be able to wear a bikini with bikini bottoms, Squidward! In full confidence. I am getting close. I am accepting the 34DDD may be my fate. But I’ll take that with a shapely ass.

It’s crazy to me how critical women are with themselves. Or at least how critical I am. And I often wonder how could any man ever find me attractive? I mean I know that I am but the way I criticize my looks speaks otherwise. I really used to be much larger than I am now. I am finally getting into what I find a reasonable size. Yet, I still don’t think it is anywhere close to where I need to be. MBE was into me 3-4 years ago. Damn if he saw me now maybe I would have kept him. Not to say he didn’t enjoy my personality. But like, his wife now is so slender and has dainty shoulders, long legs. Not anything like me. I am only 5ft and curvy. No one gives a shit about my shoulders cause my boobs are in the way. Granted, I can wear small shirts again and I am about a 6-7 in jeans. I have big hips. I want to get down to maybe a 3-5 and then I will feel sexy.

Anyways Katharos, enough complaining baby girl. Yesterday I took Mister Daren to the Memphis Zoo. I didn’t take pictures of the animals really cause I felt like I was exploiting their misery. All caged up for our entertainment. I honestly only go to zoos for the extra stuff, the extra activities. Little rides and concessions. Some of the artwork. A fair and museum in one. Normally I drag Daren to aerospace museums cause that is more our style. However that would have been more than a two hour drive. I only wanted to go to Memphis to check out the new Ikea, but Daren was passed out by the time we left so I bailed out of my minimalist furniture experience.


Daren was not having it with Sekhmet.

But yes, playing hooky from work and taking my son out for the day was a very nice change of scenery. He doesn’t really care too much about the animals either. He would rather ride on the “tram” or “trains”. I put this in quotes because they aren’t actual trams or trains, rather a truck with some carts hooked onto it. He enjoyed it all the same and I got to sit out of the sun. So for two dollars a person, it was a win-win.

So in my astronautics and propulsion class we do these little projects called DBTs. Design, Build, Test. Our current project is designing a blimp that we will race next week. I have pretty much worked with the same few people since last semester. We have defaulted ourselves into a group. We call our group The Equestrians. We chose this name because of a horse meme that said, “You are never too old to call out horses! when you see horses.” We went outside and had to use this disgusting spray glue on one of our previous DBTs and we started cracking jokes about how the can of glue was Seabisquit. Then the jokes about horses and glue factories would not stop. Our group me was poppin’ with stupid horse memes. This one is my favorite.


But yes, we are a group of four. 2 girls, 2 guys. 2 ethnic, 2 caucasian. HAHA. I think the other guy is Indian. These details don’t even matter.


This is the main structure of it, made out of balsa wood that we attempted to glue together, not realizing we could use any materials we pleased…including nails.


This is the mostly finished product. We have the propellor on it and battery and we reinforced with nails. Also can you not agree at how perfectly symmetrical this photo is with two dark people and two light people–1 dark female 1 light female 1 dark male 1 light female. Even our structure is symmetrical. Lemme stop before I get too crazy.

We will probably race our blimp this coming Thursday and calculate how fast it can cover a certain amount of distance. We will be controlling our blimp with a large, jurassic RC controller.

The steps to being a rocket scientist are slow but I love my aero courses. Anyways I need to amp myself up to maybe go take a run or

… take myself to Sonic to get a strawberry slushie.


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